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Charles is a graduate at the Vancouver Career College for Registered Massage Therapy. He continues to pursue his education with a special interest in fascia; the internal three-dimensional tensegrity network that holds the human body together. He believes the human body has the power to heal itself, but it sometimes sways in negative patterns and cycles; whether they be postural, physical, mental, or emotional. His approach is to work with patients in these harmful patterns and cycles by using methods to help reduce, correct, and prevent. He takes a treatment approach of “seeing” through touch to assess and treat the soft tissues in the human body, with a focus on Myofascial Contractile Release, Joint Play, and Deep Tissue Swedish Massage. His sessions are finished with education on postural awareness, hydrotherapy, and stretching and strengthening exercises appropriate to the patient’s condition.

Charles trained and worked in New York City for four years, but as born Vancouverite, he was always drawn to the lifestyle of living near the coast and mountains. He likes to spend his time taking advantage of our beautiful environment: swimming in the ocean, biking on the trails, and hiking the mountains. When not in the clinic he keeps himself busy with yoga, the gym, and occasional indoor rock climbing session.

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    Charles Carl helped me greatly with some fantastic Massage for a sore chronic bad back in Vancouver, BC
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Charles Carl Book Online Appointments, Local Massage Therapists, Vancouver BC, Diabetic Retinopathy Now

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