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Dr. Baseer Khan, MD, FRCS(C), P.CEO, Ophthalmologist discusses how glaucoma is diagnosed and the 3 different treatment options available to patients.

The academic definition of glaucoma is an insult or damage or injury to your peripheral vision associated with typical changes on your optic nerve, which is the nerve that connects your eye to the brain.

Dr. Steven Schendel, MD, FRSC (C), Ophthalmologist discusses glaucoma and how it is treated.

The optic nerve is like a cable that brings information the eye sees about the world and brings it to the brain, and when there’s damaging glaucoma, patients often first lose a bit of their peripheral vision, and as it progresses they can eventually lose their central vision.

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Dr. Amit Gupta, MD, FACS, Ophthalmologist Are There Risks Associated With Intravitreal Injections?

The risks of intravitreal injections are many, but fortunately, 99.9% of the time people do very well with the injections. They have good results, and they’re happy with the results.

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