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Tosh is a graduate of the Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy program, who completed his RMT education and registration in 2021. Throughout his schooling and his practice, he can be known for his great understanding of human anatomy and application of clinical assessment which he uses to work together with his patients. Tosh is passionate about helping his patients achieve their goals whether it is to restore optimal function and prevent injury, promote stress reduction, or improve body and kinesthetic awareness.

Within treatment, you can expect patient-centred care which initially will include a short interview, general postural assessment, range of motion testing and appropriate orthopedic testing to have a clear picture of the patient’s limitations and course of pain. Tosh uses a blend of evidence-based, therapeutic techniques including myofascial release, swedish massage, neuromuscular therapy, trigger point therapy, joint mobilizations, muscle energy, active and passive release techniques. Reassessment and post-assessment is incorporated into treatments when necessary to evaluate the progression of the patient’s recovery. Patient’s can also expect an effective remedial home care plan which will include relevant strengthening or stretching exercises or hydrotherapy recommendations that will prolong the benefits of their treatments and assist with rehabilitation, working towards the patient’s health goals.

Tosh enjoys putting time into his career but outside of the treatment room, he likes staying active by weight training and playing sports such as basketball, soccer and golf, and getting outdoors to enjoy skiing, biking, and hiking.

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