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When it comes to the importance of well being, Justin is a strong believer in longevity. With his knowledge acquired from WCCMT, pairs manual techniques along with proper home care to help prevent injury, while maximizing efficiency for his patients. Whether you are looking for corrective therapeutic work or simply looking for maintenance, Justin has the knowledge and strength to help achieve your treatment goals. Outside of work, Justin is a passionate and active individual. He has a keen interest in fitness and weight lifting. In addition to graduating from WCCMT, Justin also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology. His career path took an unexpected turn during his undergraduate studies, when he was involved in a motor vehicle accident. After was experiencing back and neck pains as a result of the accident, he sought massage therapy, where he was able to truly feel the difference and its benefits. Invigorated, it felt only natural for him to transition to this career path, given his interest in fitness, paired with his passion to help others.

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Mr. JUSTIN YANG Book Online Appointments, Local Massage Therapists, Richmond BC, Glaucoma NOW

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