Dr. Lindsay Kellington

Dr. Lindsay Kellington

Naturopathic Doctor
Calgary, AB
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Dr. Lindsay Kellington Bio

Dr. Kellington is a licensed Calgary Naturopath with a general family practice - meaning that she treats all health conditions and welcomes all ages to her practice. She enjoys focusing on improving sleep and energy, reducing stress levels and optimizing nutrition. A large majority of her practice involves the treatment of hormonal concerns, weight issues, mental/emotional health, digestive concerns and any condition causing pain and inflammation. She practices with a patient-focused approach where listening and understanding her patients are her top priority. She works to understand the full nature of each case and the underlying cause of each condition. She believes that treating the cause of each condition is the best approach to achieve optimal results. Dr. Kellington offers guidance in adopting a healthier lifestyle and prescribes natural therapies to both treat and prevent illness. Her goal is to create individualized programs, and work with her patients so that they understand, achieve and maintain their own optimal health. Using a combination of treatment methods, Dr. Kellington works with each patient to create sustained changes in their health. The treatments used are a mixture of ancient traditional medicine and modern day science. She has received extensive training in nutrition, acupuncture, botanical medicine, homeopathic medicine, exercise prescription, laboratory testing, and counseling to provide her patients with the utmost level of care and support. She uses these gentle medicines and techniques to help guide the body and mind toward optimal, vibrant health. When Dr. Kellington is not working she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, being outdoors and going to spin and yoga classes. She believes in practicing what you preach and is constantly working to maintain the sought after 'work-life' balance.

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