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Kristie Campbell, RMT

Kristie graduated from Langara’s Registered Massage Therapy Program in December 2020 and received her certificate of registration in May 2021. During her two-year program, Kristie gained experience working with a wide variety of conditions.

A lover of yoga, Kristie has always had a passion for fitness and human anatomy. She has experience working with athletes from all different backgrounds. Kristie believes to see success in manual therapy there must be trust and understanding between herself and her clients. That relationship is especially important to Kristie and guides her practice.

Spending time in 2019 at ICORD (International Collaboration on Repair Discoveries) gave Kristie the ability to work with neurological deficits in the Physical Activity Research Center. Later, while the world paused in Summer 2020 Kristie began volunteering at a neurological rehabilitation clinic where she found a passion in helping those suffering from neurological deficits. The opportunity was invaluable. So much knowledge and experience gained whilst learning from a team of experienced professional physiotherapists and kinesiologists. A curious brain always excited to learn more, Kristie continues to challenge herself to study and learn from her clients.

Kristie genuinely cares about her clients no matter what their condition or severity of dysfunction. Anywhere from a relaxation massage to highly specific focused care. Treatments may include Swedish, myofascial, visceral, joint play, trigger point therapy, rehabilitative exercises, and patient education.

Clients describe Kristie’s style as “Gentle, yet strong and supportive.” Kristie has experience with a wide variety of conditions but always sees the client as a person, putting their goals and expectations as the top priority.

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