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Cochrane, AB
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Intuitive *Sound and Vibration* *Energetics* Language of Light

A gentle, loving presence offering and anchoring within the health and wellbeing industry for 25 years.

Massage Therapy; Energetics; Sound & Vibration; Acutonics; Holosonics; Language of Light; Fibonacci & Phi Sound Session; Usui & Karuna Reiki Master; Meditation; Access BARS Consciousness, Reflexology; Astrology; Firewalking…..just to name a few!

Restorative Yoga Facilitator; Kids & Family Yoga Instructor, Therapeutic Drumming; Infant Massage Instructor; Sound Bath Facilitator; Event Creator & Organizer; Alchemist: Visionary.

A divine essence within the presence of being. Infinite and eternal. Wholeness within the body, mind, soul and sprit union.

I AM the love for transformation, evolutionary expansion, blue being, the magic and alchemy within conscious creation.

I AM the infinite and the all, the vastness and the no-thing. Supporting the continual evolutionary shifts in consciousness.

Experiencing the vastness of potentialities and opportunities; playing the many roles within this feminine form.

I AM a conscious intuitive, accessing the multidimensional frequencies from within. Highest self. Connection. Being.

In service for over 25 years in the health and well being industry. I AM presence of a dynamic symphony of healing and transformational experiences, modalities and tools!

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