Dr. Sam Visnic

Dr. Sam Visnic

Massage Therapist
Temecula, CA
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I've spent my life studying the fundamental aspects of human health with a focus on movement and clinical massage therapy.

In a world of specialists, surgical procedures, drugs and quick fix remedies, I'm committed to finding and developing strategies that help people stuck at the “gap”.

Over the last 18 years I've studied dozens of systems and methodologies for uncovering the root cause of aches and pains, along with postural and movement issues.

Pain science, the art and science of hands-on soft tissue massage techniques, myofascial release, and coaching movement is essential in my practice.

Integrating different methods but above all deciphering WHEN to use different techniques with different people and situations, along with integration of movements that people want to be able to do again is the key to long term success with my incredible track record with clients.

Understanding the various elements that contribute to conditions and the power of communication and education makes my Release Muscle Therapy program separate from other hands-on therapy approaches.

I only take on clients I can help, so get in touch today for your free 15-minute consultation to found out if you’re a good fit for the Release Muscle Therapy Program. Fill out the form below to book! Book Your 1:1 Free Consultation

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Dr. Sam Visnic, Local Massage Therapists, Temecula CA, Glaucoma NOW

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