Dr. Pollie Lumby

Dr. Pollie Lumby

Family Doctor
Calgary, AB
Bio & Education  

Dr. Pollie Lumby Bio

Dr. Pollie Lumby enjoys and cherishes the challenge of family medicine, with a special interest in menopause. She graduated from Medical School at the University of Calgary in 1990 following her undergraduate degree in Zoology.

Dr. Lumby did a rural residency on Vancouver Island in Victoria and Port MacNeil, followed by a long career in Black Diamond, Alberta where she valued the extra time she was afforded with her patients. In 2011 she completed her NAMS Certified Menopause Practitioner and couples that with her history in emergency care.

Personal experience in the healthcare system makes Dr. Lumby motivated to be her patient’s best advocate, whenever a need arises beyond her practice. She believes in the importance of delivering timely and highly attentive care to optimize health outcomes.

Dr. Lumby spends her spare time at her family cabin in northern Saskatchewan with her two sons. In the winter she chases them along Alberta’s cross-country trails. She’s passionate to keep Canada’s wilderness wild and available for generations to come, and wishes she had a dog to share it with!

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