Dr. Jocelyn Barber

Dr. Jocelyn Barber

Family Doctor
Calgary, AB
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Dr. Jocelyn Barber Bio

Dr. Jocelyn Barber maintains a broad scope of practice, working with patients young and old, with a particular interest in treating entire families. She has additional training in women’s health, adolescent health, and high-risk obstetrics. As a mother, she knows very well the pressures facing families these days and is eager to help set them up with healthy lifestyle habits where they can enjoy life to its fullest, together. She approaches patient care by looking at each individual as a whole, seeing how family history, demographics, and lifestyle can impact and play a role in treating both chronic and acute health concerns.

Dr. Barber attended medical school at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and earned her Bachelor of Medicine, Surgery and Obstetrics there. She then completed the Family Medicine program at the University of Saskatchewan. Dr. Barber holds national publications in breastfeeding research, dermatology, and in the scientific evidence behind laboratory testing. She has completed postgraduate training in Laboratory Medicine (Pathology) which has given her a particular aptitude for diagnosing disease through the interpretation of lab results. Additionally, she achieved accreditation with the Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine while working at a dermatology clinic in Edmonton.

Dr. Barber is passionate about delivering comprehensive care through a multidisciplinary team. She works collaboratively with the patient and the Harrison team to explore all aspects of the patient’s life and create an individualized health care plan. She acknowledges that diet, fitness, and mental well-being play a contributory role in disease outcomes and strives to help her patients find the right balance in their lives.

In her spare time, Dr. Barber loves to get outside and enjoy the mountain air while trying to keep up with her two young boys. She’s also known to squeeze in a quick class between work and home at one of Calgary’s

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