Dr. Bernard Esquivel

Dr. Bernard Esquivel

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Vancouver, BC
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Dr. Bernard Esquivel Bio

Dr. Esquivel is a practicing physician and scientist with advanced training as a clinical immunologist, allergist, and medical geneticist. Dr. Esquivel received his medical degree from the University of Mexico in 2009. He went on to receive a doctorate in immunogenetics from the National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico City and masters training in medical genetics from the University of Valencia in Spain.

Since 2010, Dr. Esquivel has worked with numerous companies around the world to validate biotechnology and health sciences ideas and concepts. He’s assisted them in converting those visions to actionable solutions that improve patient outcomes.

Also holding a Master’s degree in Administrative Sciences, Dr. Esquivel has worked globally as a leader, assisting several prominent organizations in achieving their goals by combining his clinical knowledge and leadership skills. Dr Esquivel is the former Chief Medical Officer of OneOme, a pharmacogenetics spin-off program from the Mayo Clinic in the US, and the current Chief Medical Officer of GenXys Healthcare Systems, a world leader in precision prescribing solutions.

Passionate about how genetics will play an important role in medicine in the years ahead, Dr. Esquivel has mobilized entire communities to engage them in the practice of precision (personalized) medicine. He is the founder of the Latin America Association of Personalized Medicine (ALAMP), an organization that includes over 500 members from 9 countries that is dedicated to educating its members through symposiums, workshops, and educational outreach.

Harrison is fortunate that Dr. Esquivel relocated his family to Vancouver, B.C. to enjoy its beauty and rich academic environment. He will be instrumental in shaping the precision medicine program at Harrison Healthcare, helping deliver the latest innovations in medical science to

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