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Dr. Andrew Wojciechowski is a naturopathic physician who specializes in orthopedics and IV & injection therapies. He grew up in southeast Michigan and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology from Michigan State University. Afterward, he moved to Portland, Oregon to attend the National University of Natural Medicine, where he earned his Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine.

During his time in medical school, Dr. Andrew had the privilege of being mentored by Dr. Ray McClanahan. Following his graduation, Dr. Andrew was hired at Correct Toes and Northwest Foot & Ankle, where he held various roles and responsibilities while working closely with Dr. McClanahan. Currently, he serves as a physician at Northwest Foot and Ankle while also managing Correct Toes' social media, outreach, and content creation.

Dr. Andrew strongly believes that individuals are their own best healers. He takes a collaborative approach to medicine, emphasizing active listening to patients' health stories and working together to create optimal conditions for self-healing. This may involve removing obstacles to cure or establishing healthy habits. Dr. Andrew is dedicated to supporting his patients throughout their healing journeys.

In addition to his medical career, Dr. Andrew is an avid sports enthusiast and lifelong athlete. He grew up participating in various sports such as soccer, track, basketball, skateboarding, and golf. Currently, he engages in adult kickball and volleyball leagues, as well as trail runs and long hikes. He is also a passionate fan of Michigan State University and Detroit sports teams.

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