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Chantal graduated with Honours from the ICT Kikkawa College of Massage Therapy in 2007, after completing studies in Kinesiology at the University of Waterloo in 2005. She has spent the last 20 years training and competing in various sports, and working as a personal trainer which she feels lead her to specialize in deep tissue massage techniques as well as sports massage, addressing a myriad of repetitive strain injuries, ranging from acute to chronic. She also utilizes Neurokinetic Therapy to correctly asses the root cause of any injury and to devise a precise treatment plan designed to restore the injured structure or muscle causing pain.

As a competitive athlete in several disciplines, for many years herself, Chantal tends to naturally gravitate towards deep tissue and sports massage therapy, but also rather enjoys giving relaxing therapeutic massages, ideal to help melt away all of the week’s stress. That said, Chantal’s main ambition and goal is to help you conquer your pain, in a definitive way, by way of creative, well thought out individualized treatments and treatment plans.

Chantal provides Massage Therapy services to men, women and children of all ages in a clean, professional and quiet environment, and is often nicknamed ‘Thumbs of Steel’, due to her freakish strength. Her treatments generally include modalities such as Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy and Active Release Therapy to provide the most effective rehabilitative Deep Tissue/Sports Treatments possible, but she may also provide a soothing touch, ideal for the most relaxing massages.

Over the years, she has worked successfully with high profile MMA fighters, professional dancers and acrobats, Boston marathoners, triathletes, pre-olympic swimmers, track athletes, bodybuilders, Crossfiters, and olympic weightlifters. Chantal has loved working in Spas where she would provide a softer and relaxing touch to many different populations, including but not limited to the elderly, ‘desk jockeys’, new mommies or mommies-to- be.

In her spare time, Chantal weight trains, and competes in several Bodybuilding FB_IMG_1450538668101federations as a Figure athlete, and is also an active foster parent for Boxer Rescue Ontario and proud adoptive mother of a spirited Boxer names Romeo.

She is available for appointments Monday-Friday 9am-8:30 pm and Saturdays 9am-5pm, and her specialties include:

deep tissue massage sports massage myofascial release relaxation/stress release pregnancy massage

SPECIALTIES Specialties Acute Neck Pain, or Torticolis (inability to turn head without sharp pain) Shoulder Pain Plantar Fasciitis Low Back Pain or Hip Pain (inability to sit, bend or move without pain, acute or chronic Sciatica (pain that shoots down your hip and leg) SI Joint Pain Rotator Cuff Injuries & Frozen Shoulder Headache Herniated Disc or Degenerative Disc Disease TMJ Pain or Jaw Pain Runners (knee, achilles, hip pain, IT Band, acute or chronic) Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Tennis Elbow or Golfer’s Elbow Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Postural Re-alignment (treatments addressing Forward Head) Posture (Kyphosis), and Sway Back (Lordosis) Acute Spasms (“tweaks”)

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